Child Growing small

Outgrowing cows’ milk allergy

When should the symptoms disappear after eliminating cows' milk protein from my child’s diet? If your child has been correctly diagnosed with cows' milk allergy (CMA) and you have successfully r...

First Birthday small

Cows’ Milk Allergy past the 1st birthday

While many children will grow out of their cows' milk allergy early, for others it will continue through the first few years of life.  For a small number of children it may even persist into their te...

Toddler Eating small

Food allergies and your toddler (1-4 yrs)

A number of changes occur as your child grows, and your child’s experience with food allergy will be unique. It is important to find a healthy balance between managing life with a food allergy and n...

School Age children sized

Food allergies & school children (5-12yrs)

As your child grows, so does their understanding of food allergies. It is important that your child is well equipped to communicate food allergies to friends and teachers, and to be able to identify t...

Teenagers small

Food allergies and teenagers

As your child with food allergies reaches their teenage years, it is essential that they learn to confidently and independently manage their food allergy.  They will be increasingly exposed to new ex...

Adults small

Food allergies and adult life

Children aren’t the only ones with food allergies. In Australia, about 2 in every 100 adults suffer from a food allergy1. Some food allergies persist from childhood into adulthood and some don’t d...

Just received a diagnosis?

Just received a diagnosis?

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