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Which healthcare professional can i go to?

When you are concerned about your child’s health, your family doctor or General Practitioner (GP) should be the first person to contact1. Your doctor will do their best to help you and if necessary ...

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What specialised formulas are available?

For formula fed babies diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy, there are several types of alternative formulas available. These formulas are low allergy or ‘hypoallergenic’ and are unlikely to cause ...


Breastfeeding and Cows’ Milk Allergy

Breast milk is the best nutrition for babies.  Not only does it provide essential nutrients, it also helps in the development of the immune system and prevention of diseases1. Breastfeeding can also ...


What can I do to relieve the symptoms?

Usually symptoms of food allergies will disappear soon after the problem food has been identified and eliminated from your baby’s diet. Until this happens, here are some tips which may help you. Ple...

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Why should my child be monitored?

All children with cow’s milk allergy should be regularly checked by their healthcare professional.  This will monitor their overall health and will eventually help to determine if they have outgrow...

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Growing up

As children progress from breastmilk or formula to solid foods, managing cow’s milk allergy can become more difficult.  Growing children will increasingly develop more independence and explore new ...

Just received a diagnosis?

Just received a diagnosis?

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