NEOCATE-ZHANG-9 SmallIf your child has been correctly diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy and is successfully eliminating cows’ milk protein from their diet, then they should be well on the road to recovery. Symptoms, however, may take some time to settle.

It is important to allow time for your baby to adjust to the new feeding regime recommended by your healthcare professional. After commencing a cow’s milk protein free diet, symptoms should improve within 2-4 weeks1.

Most formula fed infants (under six months of age) diagnosed with cow’s milk allergy will be started on an extensively hydrolysed formula (eHF) first2. If your child is consuming an eHF and symptoms do not improve, your healthcare professional might consider switching to an amino-based formula (AAF)2.

If you are worried your child is still experiencing symptoms it is best to discuss your concerns with your healthcare professional.

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