Cooking small reducedAdding Neocate to foods helps your baby to maintain the acceptance of the taste and a nutritionally balanced diet, until your baby can tolerate a wider range of foods.

The following guidelines may assist when adding Neocate to food:

  • The scoop in each can of Neocate holds approximately 5g of dry powder. This should be used when measuring the amount of Neocate given each day.
  • Neocate powder should be mixed gradually into the prepared proportion of food just before feeding it to your child.
  • If necessary, Neocate formula may be heated gently.
  • If Neocate powder is added to foods, your child should be offered plenty of water or other permitted drinks.
  • It is important to make sure that your child has the prescribed number of scoops of Neocate each day. If solids containing Neocate are refused, always try to offer an equivalent amount of Neocate to drink.
  • Discard any leftover food.

See the “recipes” section for great ways to use Neocate while cooking.

As your baby grows up, you will encounter new milestones when it comes to food and we are here to help you along the journey