12 Jan

What is Neocate Syneo and what makes it different from other amino acid formulas?

The journey of a parent and child with food allergy can be quite incredible. We know that breastfeeding is ideally the best option for all children, however when breastfeeding is not possible, the que...

09 Oct

The avoidable link between food allergies and fussy eating

In life, eating is a very complex task that can be affected by the smallest experiences. Our experiences with different foods and how our bodies react to those foods can shape our acceptance and willi...

14 Apr

Managing food allergies at Easter time

Food is often at the centre of holidays and Easter is no exception. Since eggs and chocolate are typical Easter celebration foods, those with food allergies most affected at this time are people with ...

07 Dec

Celebrating Christmas with Food Allergies

Christmas is the time of year where we come together and celebrate with family and friends.  For most of us, these festivities usually involve food. Children with food allergies can often feel left o...

28 Nov

Travelling with food allergies

Whether you are travelling by car, plane or train, those with food allergies need careful preparation before taking off on a trip. Advance planning will not only be required for the transportation but...

19 Sep

Food Allergies and School Camps

School camp is a rite of passage for children and teenagers. For those suffering from food allergies, however, there are extra preparations and precautions that are needed.  As most parents of a chil...

12 Sep

Who outgrows food allergy?

The first question asked by many parents of a child with a newly diagnosed food allergy is ‘will my child grow out of their allergy’. The good news is the majority of food allergies diagnosed in c...

05 Sep

Managing stress for parents of children with food allergies

If you have a child with a food allergy, you will know how stressful it can be to manage. Daily tasks like cooking dinner or grocery shopping have an additional layer of complexity. There is also the ...

29 Aug

How to talk to family and friends about food allergies

Family gatherings, birthday parties or a new baby sitter can cause stress for parents of a child with food allergies.  Parents understandably worry that food prepared by others may unintentionally re...

22 Aug

Getting enough calcium on a cow’s milk free diet

Calcium is a mineral found in food that is needed for bone and dental health1.  For most children, cow’s milk and dairy products are usually the main source of calcium in their diet2.  For those c...

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Just received a diagnosis?

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