Neocate Village Forum Guidelines

Welcome to Neocate Village, a place to meet and share your journey with parents who have been prescribed Neocate for their baby by their doctor.

Neocate Village contains content that is generated by members of the site. The user-generated content is created and uploaded by people just like you who want to share their parenting journey. To ensure that Neocate Village is always a safe and fun place for everybody, we’ve developed the following community guidelines to highlight the things you need to know and some rules you need to follow.

By participating in this website, you agree to be bound by these guidelines, our Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy.

Think before you share

Neocate Village is a public environment, so only post information that you feel comfortable with. Remember that anything you post is on display for all visitors to the website to see, both now and in the future. Neocate Village does not edit or moderate your content before it is posted on the forum page — you completely control the content, including comments, photos and videos, you choose to put up. Remember that the content you post can be shared by others without your knowledge.

Don’t make it personal

For the safety and privacy of all Neocate Village users, please do not post any private information about yourself or others, such as phone numbers, addresses or places of employment. You can manage your privacy settings to limit the information you share, or others can share about you, by amending this on your profile.

Advice with a grain of salt!

Neocate Village includes content and advice from people just like you who want to share their parenting journey so information on the Neocate Village website might not be true for everyone. Neocate Village and Nutricia do not endorse or adopt any of the content posted by users, nor provide any assurance about its accuracy or correctness. You should always check with a trained health professional before relying on any of the information on this site.

Found something inappropriate?

Neocate Village is a place where you should feel safe, reassured and happy. It’s about connecting with others in a positive way. If you see any content, including a post, comment or video that you feel is inappropriate or against the spirit of our site, flag it! The post will then be removed from view and flagged to our Community Manager who will review and remove it if it’s inappropriate.

If you are unhappy with our service or would like to make a complaint about the content Nutricia puts on this site, please email us at


If you feel Neocate Village have infringed your copyright, please email us at

Uploading no-no’s

Neocate Village is a happy and helpful environment for each and every one of us! So in order to keep it this way, we ask you not to upload the following:

  • material which could damage a person’s reputation or make other people think badly of them;
  • other people’s material (such as photos or videos) without their permission
  • photos or videos of other people or which includes identifying information about other people without their permission
  • material which contains obscene language, adult or illegal content or illegal activities
  • content for a commercial purpose, such as advertising your business
  • content that harasses, bullies, discriminates, demeans, hurts or attacks others or a group of people or that is otherwise offensive, or content that is likely to encourage others to engage in this type of conduct.

Child-related content

Do not upload photos or videos of children which are not your own unless their parent or guardian has given permission. Some images of children are never OK. Images showing naked, abused, neglected or sexualised children will be removed immediately and offenders may be reported to authorities.

Repeated conduct

If a member violates these guidelines, Terms and Conditions or Privacy Policy, their profile will be immediately and permanently suspended, without warning or other notice.

Use common sense at all times and most importantly, enjoy the Neocate Village community!