14 Apr

Managing food allergies at Easter time

Food is often at the centre of holidays and Easter is no exception. Since eggs and chocolate are typical Easter celebration foods, those with food allergies most affected at this time are people with egg, nut, wheat, and cows’ milk allergies. However having food allergy doesn’t mean missing out. There are alternatives to hens’ eggs to decorate for a traditional and fun Easter egg hunt, and there is a variety of nut-free and cows’ milk free chocolates available.   Here are some food and activity ideas:

  • Egg decorating using wooden or plastic eggs: use colourful paints, glitter, or stickers to make fun designs. Hide these for a hunt or display in a basket filled with straw or colourful paper.
  • The plastic eggs inside Kinder Surprise can be used in place of real eggs once washed and filled with allergen free options
  • Use colourful string or wool and balloons to make faux eggs to either hang or display: http://tinyrottenpeanuts.com/cool-craft-string-easter-eggs/
  • Hunt for wooden or plastic eggs, or even egg alternatives, e.g. bottles of bubbles, coins, stickers etc.
  • Make homemade allergen-free chocolate using Easter-themed moulds such as bunnies and eggs.
  • Make homemade Easter greeting cards.
  • Make icing for allergen free Easter eggs and decorate.
  • Make wheat-free hot-cross buns with alternative flours or baking mix.
  • Dairy free chocolate by Sweet William, MooFree, Whittaker’s 62-72% dark chocolate, Pam’s compound baking chocolate, Trade Aid, Silky Oak

Easter holiday safety tips:

  • Ingredient labels may be missing from snack-sized Easter confectionary so check the outer pack carefully.
  • Manufacturing of seasonal goods may be out-sourced to a different factory than that used by the brand’s main goods, so always check the ingredient list.
  • Children often receive wrapped and unwrapped confectionary. If you are unable to verify the ingredients, do not allow your child to consume it. Instead, replace it with something that is safe that you have made or purchased.
  • Gluten free communion wafers are available and we recommend you contact your individual Church to discuss

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