Lincoln’s Story

Lincoln is my second child and he was born in February 2017. All seemed well at first, he attached to the breast however after each feed he would projectile vomit and was visibly uncomfortable. Lincoln wouldn’t feed for long so he was constantly on and off the breast and with the vomiting, I was always concerned how much milk he was actually consuming.

I took Lincoln to a GP and to Child Health. There I was advised it was normal for babies to cry and that I needed to understand my babies tired and hunger queues, however in my heart I knew something wasn’t right.

At six weeks of age, Lincoln was admitted to hospital because he was refusing feeds and became dehydrated. Lincoln was put on formula, and was diagnosed with gastro-oesophageal reflux disease (GORD) by a Paediatrician. The doctor prescribed an anti-reflux medication for his GORD, which comes in a tablet form and must be dispersed.

Weeks passed and Lincoln got worse, he would scream, have hiccups, he would cough after each feed. This progressed to back arching and to screaming both during and after each feed. He had slight eczema and some loose stools. I phoned the Paediatrician who advised to double his medication. Another week passed and this did not improve his situation.

I phoned the Paediatrician and I was advised to come back in. At this appointment, I suggested that we start Lincoln on an amino acid formula, because his issues may be similar to my first son who had an intolerance to egg and dairy. Levi is 3 years old and now only struggles with dairy.

The first week on the amino acid formula was hard because of Lincoln’s throat and oesophagus being so inflamed. He would only drink 20-30ml at a time and wanted to feed each hour. Lincoln continued to vomit and show signs of discomfort after each feed, and on day seven of using an amino acid formula, Lincoln again refused feeds for 7 hours. With the fear of him becoming dehydrated, we were back at the hospital. The Paediatrician as per my request gave Lincoln an anti-reflux medication which comes in a liquid form and this settled the GORD. However the Paediatrician wanted to administer a feeding tube. The plan was to offer Lincoln a bottle and then top up using the feeding tube. I wanted to give Lincoln another opportunity to have a bottle before the tube was put in. Lincoln drank the whole bottle! I don’t know what the turning point was but Lincoln got a taste for the amino acid formula and he loves it! I love seeing his face light up as he sees the bottle of amino acid formula coming his way at feed time. Lincoln is much happier now.


 I love seeing his face light up as he sees the bottle of amino acid formula coming his way at feed time