Madison’s Story

My first born son suffered from severe silent reflux and was medicated with anti-reflux medication.  When I became pregnant with my second child, I hoped that my feeding experience would become less traumatic.

My daughter Madison was born at 37 weeks. Madison was born a healthy 3.85kg, on paediatric assessment, it was noted that Madison displayed signs of “reflux” but we were told that this is unlikely to cause many issues.  However with this said Madison had an irregular suck and would not latch for breastfeeding which meant Madison was losing weight and we were advised to use infant formula.

On the16th December, Madison was six weeks of age and was admitted to intensive care due to respiratory syncytial virus and we were really worried because she was pretty sick.  After discharge Madison tolerated large volumes of a regular formula until she developed a rash on her tummy and would experience restless sleep. Madison would “grumble” and draw her legs throughout the night and would make loud “squeaking” noises which would suggest she is trying to catch her breath (it’s hard to explain the noise exactly).

Madison was on the standard milk formula for approximately ten days until one night she screamed and screamed for 3 hours straight to no avail. We took Madison to the Hospital and were admitted under her paediatrician for observation. The paediatrician placed Madison on an Amino Acid formula and within a few feeds the crying and the noisy restless sleep got better. We are now on day 3 of the new formula and the amino acid formula is doing wonders.  The smelly wind passing and the smell of the amino acid formula is forgiven for allowing my little girl to be so well settled.